About Us

CarCycle Wholesale are a bunch of travelling enthusiasts who believe that life should be lived to the full! We never stand still and are always looking at ways to get people motivated to travel through our agency. We hold regular workshops in the community and at universities all over England, giving people information and possible suggestions as to how they can afford to go travelling. We have met some amazing people over the years and are privileged to have been able to help travellers open their minds to the range of experiences that are out there.

All of our staff have qualifications in tourism or a related discipline, and all departments have at least one person who is multi-lingual. This enables us to create and maintain relationships with a variety of people from a variety of locations. We are passionate about creating bespoke journeys for all of our clients, and love to receive reports when they return to the country. Often, the clients that report back to us, open our minds up even more to things that they have witnessed, and this encourages us to continue our learning journey by exploring them for ourselves.

If you have travelled with CarCycle Wholesale are want to tell us what your experience was like, we really want to hear from you.